From the foregoing experiments it is evident that interference and diffraction patterns can be explained on the basis of the fluid layer adhering to solid and liquid surfaces. Hence this phenomena can be explained by particle nature of light in place of wave theory of light. 


Light has to be denoted with a different terminology instead of wavelength and frequency. Photon has to be designated by its mass(m) and velocity (v) implying that there are different photons with varied mass and velocities, contrary to the concepts of the Special Theory of Relativity.


Doppler effect cannot be applied for propagation of light in respect of frequency emitted and measured by source and observer respectively. The 'redshift' of spectrum of celestial bodies have to be interpreted as occurring due to slowing down of photons, ejected by the celestial bodies, as they travel phenominal distances in the intergalactic medium. That means the universe is not expanding. The 'Big Bang' theory in cosmology about the birth and evolution of the universe has to be modified. The new model of the universe, which is unimaginably vast will certainly untravel the mysteries of Dark Mater, Dark Energy, Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Sub-atomic Particles etc.


The quantum mechanics and wave mechanics have to be developed differently as they are based on wave nature.


The origin of photons and related dynamics will open up new vistas of research into sub-atomic particles.